Oddy Tests

An Oddy Test is a procedure developed to determine the safety of materials used in contact/close proximity to delicate art objects.

Benchmark contracts with outside conservators who perform testing to assure that our products are non-reactive. Oddy testing is, by its nature, subjective. Testing protocols vary among institutions, and one conservator may approve what another would find unacceptable. 

 When we submit a product to Oddy testing, there are long discussions with our manufacturers about the consistency of their materials and processes. Their assurances aside, it’s always difficult to say whether a material’s formulation might change slightly, or how stringently spec guidelines are followed. We do what we can from our end to maintain consistency in materials and making.

Periodically, we resubmit our products to testing in order to safeguard against any material changes. Aside from our contracted re-testing, we always welcome our  customers to submit our materials to their own testing and to share with us their results. Our test results are shared with the caveat that you should defer to the expertise of your own conservators when assessing the risk of damage to object.

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