Oddy Tests

It’s come to our attention that a few institutions have submitted some of our products for Oddy-testing and received differing results from ours.

 Oddy testing is, by its nature, subjective. Testing protocols vary among institutions, and one conservator may approve what another would find unacceptable. That said, we take the news of these varying test results seriously and we’ll be sure to include all of the products in question in our new round of testing.

 When we submit a product to Oddy testing, there are long discussions with our manufacturers about the consistency of their materials and processes. Their assurances aside, it’s always difficult to say whether a material’s formulation might change slightly, or how stringently spec guidelines are followed. We do what we can from our end to maintain consistency in materials and making.

 We are pleased to have recently found a conservator to work with us on updating our testing. We expect to start posting new results as soon as they come in. Please check back here to learn the results.

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