Oddy Test Results: Felt

Ten samples of Felt material and pressure-sensitive adhesive provided by Benchmark Catalog were tested with the Oddy Test protocol. Each material was evaluated visually and received a "pass", as the silver, copper, and lead coupons had no corrosion in comparison to the control coupons. A-D strips also had no reaction to the material.

The conclusion from these tests is that the following materials (both dry and with PSA) are safe to use in contact with art objects or in packing and display:

  • 31-111BK Black Felt
  • 31-111SM Smoke Felt
  • 31-111 CG Cool Grey Felt
  • 31-111 IV Ivory Felt
  • 31-111WH White Felt
  • 31-111MS Moss Felt
  • 31-111TC Terracotta Felt
  • 31-111TN Tan Felt
  • 31-111OT Oat Felt
  • 31-111DB Dark Brown Felt
Requested by Benchmark, Rosemont, NJ 08556
Previous Oddy Tests on this material can be viewed here.

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