Oddy Test Results: Sueded Polyethylene

Seven samples of Sueded Polyethylene and pressure-sensitive adhesive provided by Benchmark Catalog were tested using the Oddy Test Protocol. Results from the Oddy Test indicated all test samples passed showing no corrosion on the lead, silver or copper coupons. Equally, those samples that were maintained in the ambient lab facility with A-D strips did not show any development of corrosion thereby showing a “Pass” of all fabric materials tested. 

The conclusion from these tests is that the following materials (both dry and with PSA) are safe to use in contact with art objects or in packing and display:

  • 35-111WH White Sueded Polyethylene -  a/o 2022: No longer available; 
  • 35-111CR Crème Sueded Polyethylene
  • 35-111BG Beige Sueded Polyethylene
  • 35-111CM Camelhair Sueded Polyethylene - a/o 2022: No longer available; replaced by Chestnut (see below)
  • 35-111SG Steel Grey Sueded Polyethylene  - a/o 2024: No longer available; replaced by Fog (see below)
  • 35-111BR Brown Sueded Polyethylene
  • 35-111WB Warm Black Sueded Polyethylene - a/o 2021: No longer available; replaced by Carbon (see below)

Test results for 35-111CB (CARBON), 35-111CH (CHESTNUT), 35-111WH (WHITE), 35-111FG (FOG)

Procedure:  A two gram sample of the material to be tested is placed in a test tube along with a sample vial stopped with cotton containing 2ml of de-ionzed water. Three polished and degreased metal coupons, one each of lead, copper, and silver are suspended on strands of monofilament above the test sample within the test tube. The test tube is then covered and sealed, and is heated to 60°C (140º F) for 28 days. A blind test (a test tube with metal coupons and water vial only) is prepared and run as a control. At the end of the test period, the coupons from the experimental test are compared against those in the blind test. In order to pass the accelerated corrosion test, a material should cause no more corrosion on any of the metal coupons than caused by the reference blind test.

Results:  Pass / no change in lead, copper or silver coupon when compared to control. 

Requested by Benchmark, Rosemont, NJ 08556
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