Oddy Test Results: Plain Weave Fabric

Seventeen samples of Plain Weave fabric provided by Benchmark Catalog were tested using the Oddy Test Protocol. Results from the Oddy Test indicated all test samples passed showing no corrosion on the lead, silver or copper coupons. Equally, those samples that were maintained in the ambient lab facility with A-D strips did not show any development of corrosion thereby showing a “Pass” of all fabric materials tested.

Products Tested:
71-001, 71-002, 71-006, 71-011, 71-013, 71-016, 71-017, 71-018, 71-019, 71-021, 71-022, 71-023, 71-024, 71-025, 71-026, 71-027, & 71-028

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Requested by Benchmark, Rosemont, NJ 08556
Previous Oddy Tests on this material can be viewed here.

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