Tiny Drill Bits

Tiny Drill Bits

You will need to drill holes for your pins if you are pinning into materials such as plywood, masonite, Formica or plexiglas. We have two sizes of drill bit for each diameter of our pins. The "drop fit" bits are the same diameter as the pin, for making holes in very hard materials and in situations where you want a pin to be slightly looser, say for easy release when "locking" and "unlocking" objects. The "tight fit" bits are for drilling into medium hard materials such as plywood so that the pin fits tightly into the hole and stays at the required depth.

Bits are sold in packages of 6, and are color-coded to match pin sizes.

Remember that these are very small drill bits. They can break easily when torqued or bent. Be sure to order extras if you are on installation.

Quantity must be between 5 and 14

Quantity must be between 15 and 29

Quantity must be 30 or over

Minimum Quantity Must be 5

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