100% cotton flannel, unbleached and unsized fabric, for protective padding or 'tooth' to help hold textiles of any size in place. Offered in two weights, both of which can be glued or stapled to a wedge or tube for textile positioning and protection from the substrate.

  • The 4 ounce flannel is double-napped (fuzzy on both sides), with a very nice tooth.
  • The 8 ounce flannel is napped on one side only, the other side is a twill pattern. It is yummy, creamy stuff, quite thick and should be used where more padding and more tooth is required.

The flannels are sold in pre-cut 5 yard lengths.

(So if, for example, you place an order for 2, we will ship 2 five-yard pieces)

Odd yardages and discounted put-ups available on our Sale page.

Quantity must be between 5 and 14

Quantity must be between 15 and 29

Quantity must be 30 or over

Minimum Quantity Must be 5

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