Multi-Color Full Pack
Single Color 3-Pack

Our felt now comes in 10 helpful colors in 9" x 12" sheets backed with pressure-sensitive adhesive. We offer these tested colors in a "Baker's Dozen" of 13 sheets, or as individual colors with three sheets per pack. We also have yardage with or without adhesive-back.
Fiber content is 100% recycled polyester.

Multi-color pack has one sheet each of 10 colors + 1 extra of Black, White, & Cool Grey.
Single pack has three sheets of a single color.
Yardage comes without adhesive in two sizes: a roll 36" x 20 yards or 72" x 10 yards. Find more information here.
Yardage comes adhesive-backed in a roll 36" x 10 yards. Find more information here.         
We do not guarantee colors over the internet & strongly advise calling to request a padding card.

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Quantity must be 30 or over

Minimum Quantity Must be 5

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