Upright Butterfly Bookmount

Upright Butterfly Bookmount

The Upright Bookmount displays books tilted up 40° from flat decks or shelves. The base is made of solid brass, fitted with two hinged brass legs. Each hinge holds an independently adjustable plexiglas book support plate. The support plates "butterfly" on the hinges, allowing you to choose the angle your book opens to. The hinge legs also adjust in height by as much as 1" giving you another approach to supporting your book. In addition, the plates move laterally to accommodate different spine thicknesses.

The Upright Bookmount comes in three sizes, defined by the dimensions of the plexiglas book support plates:

Mini, Standard & Intermediate

Please call us if you need custom-sized Bookmounts.

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Minimum Quantity Must be 5

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