Custom Work

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We have sent you to this page because you have asked us to make you a custom item - or to customize an existing product. In order to be here, you've been on the phone with us to discuss what it is you need. 

You've been given a quote for the custom item or the customizing of an existing item and here is where you get to capture the cost of the work you are asking for. 

So, if you were quoted $155, request 155 of the "custom work".

Of course we will have made a note on our end of what was discussed but please include a note in the Special Instructions at checkout. Just to be double-sure.

Custom Document

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Quantity must be between 5 and 14

Quantity must be between 15 and 29

Quantity must be 30 or over

Minimum Quantity Must be 5

There must be at least one Oversized Shipping Charge in our cart with Case Dressing Fabrics.