TIP Alter the Vise

TIP: As work proceeds on a mount, it sometimes becomes difficult to hold it in your vise: when you try to tighten the vise jaws onto one part of the mount, another part hits the body of the vise. Extending the jaws of the vise is the solution. Here's how to do it:

  • Steel bar is used to extend the working range of the vise an additional 1" on each side, so cut 2 pieces to a length 2" greater than the length of the jaws on your vise. 1" x 1" bar works well.
  • Remove the jaws of your vise (usually by removing 2 screws per side).
  • Using the original jaws as a guide, measure, drill and counter sink matching holes centered lengthwise on the steel bars. Fasten the new bars onto the vise using the original or matching screws. You will now be able to go to work on your extended vise.

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