Historical Oddy Test Results: Teflon Heat-Shrink Tubing

Oddy Test Results for TFE Teflon 4:1 Heat-Shrink Tubing as follows:


The tubing was tested in both the as-received state and in a shrunken condition after treatment with a hot air gun. The standard series of tests were carried out on the material samples with the following results:

1. TFE Tubing: pH test: passed

2. TFE Tubing : lead foil test: passed

3. TFE Tubing: silver foil test: passed

4. TFE Tubing: copper foil test: passed

5. TFE Tubing in heated condition: pH test: passed

6. TFE Tubing in heated condition: lead foil test: passed

7. TFE Tubing in heated condition: silver foil test: passed

8. TFE Tubing in heated condition: copper foil test: passed

The materials which have passed the tests carried out above are safe to use in proximity to art objects and should pose no conservation problems in the Museum setting.



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