Historical Oddy Test Results: Black Stockinette

Oddy Test Results for samples of 100% Polyester Stockinette: Black

September 1, 2015


The standard series of Oddy Tests were carried out on the sample of Black Stockinette Fabric. The batch passed the lead foil test, passed the copper foil test, and passed the silver foil test.

The tests were conducted over a period of 40 days with the silver, lead and copper coupons touching the individual fabric samples and exposed to high RH at 25 degrees centigrade during this time period.

The conclusion from these tests is that the fabric - Benchmark's 100% polyester black stockinette 82-4xx ) is safe to use in contact with art objects or in packing and display. 


Requested by Benchmark, Rosemont, NJ 08556      9/1/2015


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