Raw Brass


Brass is the backbone of almost all of our custom mounts: hammered, sawn, formed, annealed and silver soldered to make the shapes we need. Our half-hard yellow brass is of mid-range malleability, supplied in manageable 35" lengths, in rods, strap, and half-oval sections.

As you may be aware, metal prices fluctuate pretty wildly. We hold prices where and as we can. Odd Lots available on our Sale Page.

Click here for a chart showing what 2:1 Poly Heat-shrink goes with what size brass rod.

Quantity must be between 5 and 14

Quantity must be between 15 and 29

Quantity must be 30 or over

Minimum Quantity Must be 5

There must be at least one Oversized Shipping Charge in our cart with Case Dressing Fabrics.