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Tools, tools, tools. Out of (morbid) curiosity, we once weighed the tools and materials that we carried with us to a job. It turned out to be 625 lbs! But, when you need something, it's great to have it. Our essential toolkit includes all that you see below... and more. They won't make much of a difference in your muscle mass but they are a great help. Stock up today!

4-in-1 Screwdrivers
Ah, my personal favorite on the job site. This way I don't get stuck with a Phillips when I need a slotted and visa-versa.  These well made screwdrivers come with interchangeable Phillips head (large & small) and slotted (large & small) tips stored in the metal shaft in the red handle. 


Mini 4-in-1 Screwdriver

screwdriver        No longer available


Standard 4-in-1 Screwdriver

Phillips Nos. I & 2 bits/ Slotted 3/16" & 5/16"bits (5mm and 8mm).


Pocket 2-in-1 Screwdriver

This one is a personal favorite around the office. Same great quality as the big guys, this little one tops out at 4-3/4" long with one slotted bit and one Phillips head bit. And it comes with a nifty clip for your pocket. Great for mountmaking and for tight places. Get two: one for your toolbox and one for a friend.  (They'd be taking yours all the time anyway!) 

23-313 Pocket 2-in-1 Screwdriver
Phillips No.0 bit / Slotted 3/16" bit  (5mm)


Ratchet Offset Screwdriver    No longer available


Foam Knives
These knives combine stiffness and sharpness, making them particularly useful for cutting shapes in Ethafoam. The square point knives are good for straight lines, while the pottery knife lends itself to making curved shapes. The sharpness of the blades on these knives permits you to cut fine, detailed shavings from Ethafoam blocks. To keep them sharp, use our diamond hone, below.


4" x 1" Square Point Knife (102 x 25mm)



6" x 1" Square Point Knife (152 x 25mm)



5-1/8" Pottery Knife (130mm)


Diamond Hone
An essential companion to the foam knives. Keeps them sharp. Use it dry, without oil.  It sharpens very fast.  Made of industrial diamonds set into a plastic matrix, it comes with a protective leather sheath.


4" Diamond Hone


The Knife Sharpener - the wonder of Avondale

Sad that our  little Rolling Sharpener disappeared, we launched a big search to replace it with an economical but well-designed sharpener.  And, we found it right in our backyard. This well-made little desk-top model is made in Eastern Pennsylvania. Yes, actually made here.  That made us happy. You'll enjoy it. 


Knife Sharpener            
yikes! old fashioned American manufactury


Drill Gauges                                    TIP
We use these gauges to size the brass stem of the mount before we drill  into the case for installation.  For a tight fit, choose a drill bit one size smaller than the stem diameter; for an easy fit, choose the same size.


Fractional Drill Gauge    1/16" - 1/2" 
(1.6 - 12.5mm)



Numbered Drill Gauge    1 - 60 (the standard drill index)



Numbered Drill Gauge    61 - 80 (for our tiny drill bits)


Automatic Center Punch        No longer available              center punch

Needlepoint Scriber

A hard, fine point for scribing and marking out lines on brass, stainless steel, plexiglas, etc. Comes with four spare points stored under the cap.


Needlepoint Scriber


Indispensable when you need to know the size of the brass you're working with. The sliding action, since brass is a "self-lubricating" metal, just gets better with time.  
Divided into 16ths and mm, opens to 3.149"/ 80mm .
Made in Germany


Brass Calipers


T-handled Reamer
To clean burrs from the edges of holes drilled in brass, or to remove flash from the inside of sawn tubing.  Also a must for making a hole just a wee bit bigger. Tapered for holes from 1/8" to 1/2" diameter (3 - 12.5mm).


T-handled Reamer   


For delicate placements, getting threads out of the way, pulling splinters, etc. Stainless steel with a fine serrated point and serrated finger grip area. 4-1/2" long (114mm), opens wide to 5/8" (16mm).




Pinning Pliers                     TIP  
We've had made what we consider to be the easiest to use and most versatile of pinning pliers, a copy of the customized ones that we've used for over 20 years. These pliers have a groove across one jaw for a firm grip on pins and a curved nose to provide a fulcrum for leverage.  Made for us in Germany.
Of polished steel with box joint construction and PVC-coated handles, 5-1/8" long



Pinning Pliers



Chain Nose Pliers

The chain nose plier  has short round jaws which are good for making a range of angled bends. They are made of polished steel with box joint construction and PVC-coated handles. 5-1/8" long  (130mm).  


Chain Nose Pliers



Forming Pliers
We're very happy to announce that the forming pliers are back! Here's our old favorite back, fresh off the boat from Germany, with jaws shaped to our specifications. One jaw is flat, one is round. We use them all the time to make either sharply angled or curved bends, as needed. Made of polished steel with box joint construction and PVC-coated handles. 5-1/8" long (130mm)

23-110 Forming Plier $34.95

Nicholson Needle Files
   No longer available

Nicholson Mill Files       No longer available

mill file





Foot/Metric Tape Measure
Measurement underlies all installation and mountmaking work. This rugged Stanley Leverlock retractable rule has a broad, yellow ruler surface, graduated in feet and inches on one edge and in centimeters on the other.  You'll need them both. Overall length is 10'/3m.


Tape Measure                        


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