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Polyethylene Strap (or Poly Strap, as we affectionately call it)

Softer than the conventionally used Mylar strips, our clear, non-adhesive 4 mil polyethylene strap does a kinder job when pages need to be restrained  , when correcting  text block drag  or  to safely adhere barcodes without damaging rare books.  


logo Polyethylene Strap                                                   Polyethylene Strap Oddy Test Results  
Sold in 100' long rolls

(30.5m) in five widths.
Custom widths are also possible. Minimums apply.


3/16" (4.76mm) Polyethylene Strap x 100'



3/8" (9.53mm) Polyethylene Strap x 100'



1" (25mm) Polyethylene Strap x 100'    



2" (50mm) Polyethylene Strap x 100'


12-170 2-1/2" (62mm) Polyethylene Strap x 100'    $20.95



Some Poly Strap Things To Do

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HOW TO DO IT Place the polyethylene strapping snugly around the back cover board of the book.  Use a paper clip to hold the poly strap together. Slide the strapping off and use a thermo impulse sealer to form the loop.  Once sealed, carefully cut the extra poly strap to make a half-inch overlap. Slide the newly formed loop onto the book's cover board and attach the barcode.

TIP It is important to make the loop snug since loose loops are more likely to get separated from the book and can catch on things.

WHAT SIZE POLY TO USE The poly strap should be a little wider than the bar code to make it easier to attach the barcode.  If you require a custom size poly strap, call us at 609-397-1131 or email us. We'll be glad to talk with you about your needs.



If pages lift from the text block, refusing to lie flat, use Polyethylene Strap to hold them down.  We like using the  2" strap on the page under the page to be displayed so as to hold the bulk of the text block together with the cover.  Then wrap the 3/16" or 3/8" strap around the whole book now capturing the page to be shown.  This will give you double the strength with only  the thinner strap visible.  


Text Block Drag is caused by the weight of the unsupported pages pulling on the spine.  This puts uneven stress on the construction of the book, distorting pages and straining the spine. 

To overcome this problem, we recommend the Mowery Sling:
Tape a length of strap to the back of the book support plate, near the top.  Place the book on the Bookmount.  Move the text block out of the way, exposing the inside of the book's cover.  Bring the strap down across the inside of the cover, then position the text block for display, bringing the strap up and over the text block to the back of the support plate.  Secure with tape.  This completes the sling.

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