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All the rest that we couldn't leave out: "Empty Empty" tape and its close cousin, "Packed Packed" tape, lead shot Weight Bags and small brass weights, paper tags, sticky wax, and our T-shirts - the Coffee Break T-shirt and the Robin T-Shirt.........all the goodies.


logo "EMPTY EMPTY" Tape

When the big loan show happens and you’re up to your ears in crates from out-of-town, this tape can help you keep them straight. When you’re sure you’ve removed all the art objects from the crate, close it up again and put a strip of our "EMPTY EMPTY" tape across the seam. This lets you easily determine that you’ve unloaded that crate. And insures that no-one inadvertently removes a full crate from the gallery, because they only move out the ones labeled EMPTY.
Red type on white background.
Rolls are 2" wide and 55 yds. long

01-210 "EMPTY  EMPTY"  tape

empty tape


01-210CS "EMPTY EMPTY"  tape by the case    54 rolls.  $478.00


So when the crates from out-of-town (or those full of objects going out on loan) get packed up and you’re getting ready to ship everything out, this tape can help you keep track of what’s done. If the crate is "PACKED PACKED" this tape says so big and bold and green.
Green type on white background.
Rolls are 2" wide and 55 yds. long

01-220 "PACKED  PACKED"  tape

packed tape


01-220CS "PACKED PACKED"  tape by the case    54 rolls $478.00

logo Weight bags                       TIP

Our weight bags are made of steel shot sealed into polyethylene tubing, then covered with unbleached, unsized cotton knit tubing. They are "gently filled" so they have the flexibility that conforms to an object as needed. Lovely and tactile, they are one of our most popluar items. We use them to stabilize items going on display that might have a bit of rock to them. A friend uses the littlest ones to hold open the book she reads at breakfast!  We're sure you'll find many other uses for them. 
Handmade in Rosemont, NJ, USA.


2 oz.  (57g) Weight Bag

2" x 2"   (5 x 5cm)      


05-160 4 oz.  (114g) Weight Bag   2" x 3"   (5 x 7.6cm)    



1/2 lb. (230g) Weight Bag  

2" x 4"   (5 x 10cm)



1 lb. (460g) Weight Bag      

2" x 6"  (5 x 15cmm) $13.95


2 lb. (920g) Weight Bag        2" x 11" (5 x 28cm)      $25.95
05-150 4 lb. (1840g) Weight Bag       4" x 7"  (10.2 x 18cm)   $43.95

logo Brass Weights 

We have been asked on a couple of occasions about some small little weight to help when folks are photographing documents. We came up with these sweet brass weights, about an inch square, tumbled smooth and padded on the underside with our sueded poly. We think they have just the right amount of heft to them to help hold down corners.
Sold eight weights in a box.

05-000      Brass Weights, 8 per box     $42.95

photo: 2oz. & 4oz. weight bags & brass weights

new small weights

logo Robin T-Shirt

This cartoon from Glen Baxter has been making me laugh (in the form of a postcard on my wall) for years. G.B. was kind enough to allow us to make a T-shirt out of it and here it is.
What's it all mean??
100% cotton, beige w/ black ink
Sizes M, L

Click image for a larger view.

Click here for a larger image.
08-200 "Robin" T-shirt $17.50

logo Coffee Break T-Shirt

Out of circulation for a while, the coveted "Coffee Break" T-shirt is back and ready
to go.  In good taste for any occasion.

100% cotton, white w/ black ink
Sizes S, M, L, XL.

Click image for a larger view. »

Click here for a larger image.
08-100 "Coffee Break" T-shirt $17.50

Paper Tags

An old favorite: paper tags with string ties. We use them to label mounts with the corresponding object number, and they're just the thing for keeping track of accession/exhibition numbers or case designations for objects.
Removable, non-damaging and preferable to sticky, messy tape.
Sold in bags of 100.


1-3/32 x 1-3/4"   large                           


Sticky Wax                               REMINDER                                          Sticky Wax Oddy Test Results

An inert white wax...perfectlyhygenic dental wax. Perfect for holding things where they belong - in mounts, directly to glass shelves or for adhering loose object parts, such as a lid to a vase. Now sold in our snappy little polypropylene box, 2-3/8" strips, x 1/8" diameter. 40 strips per box. A little goes a long way.

09-100 Sticky Wax $14.95

sticky wax

Catch-all Flip Boxes                    

We found these wonderful little boxes while looking for something to put the brass weights in.  They are a great size for all sorts of collections of things. And they open, as you see, on the broad dimension making it easy to get at what's inside.

They are made of soft polypropylene with a living hinge. The top makes a satisfying snap as it locks shut.

Inside dimensions are 1-1/2" x 2-3/8" x 29/32" high
(or in decimal: 1.5" x 2.37" x .9")

04-000Flip-top boxes, set of 4


flip-top boxes



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